Video: Things to do before you’re 25: Eat a tub of Nutella in one sitting

So according to the ‘Travels of Adam’, you should eat a tub of Nutella in one sitting before you turn 25.

Obviously this isn’t something we’d advise doing on a regular basis as it may end up in you becoming 25 stone when you’re 25. But here we go, this is me eating a tub of Nutella in one sitting. Enjoy.


Video: Things to do before you’re 25

In this video Alex Horne tests out some suggestions for things to do before you turn 25, courtesy of the internet.



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VIDEO: What’s the best thing about being in your twenties?

With the arduous job-hunting, high rents and scary choices, we sometimes forget that being 20-something is seriously exciting.

For a nice reminder, we asked four fellow millenials to do a selfie clip each telling us what they like most about their age. Here’s what they said.


Courtesy of justine-reyes, Creative Commons

Courtesy of justine-reyes, Creative Commons




Things to do before you’re 25: Build a fort

In our crusade to find the best quarter-life crisis material and deliver it to you, the sufferers, Clueless has come across pages and pages of “Things to do before you’re 25”.

What exactly qualifies as one of those “things”, we don’t know. Why it matters that you do it before 25, we don’t care. But one entry in particular stood out to resident Tolkien-enthusiast Pete (partly because it was an easy way to get a video editing grade he needed, and partly because he likes Tolkien). He took up arms and set about building a fort…

Things to do before you’re 25: Sing, Jump and Be Embarassed

If it feels like you haven’t achieved enough by now, don’t worry; neither have we. We’ve not sorted out our careers, found the dream home, eaten a jar of nutella in one sitting or jumped more.

But that’s going to change – well, the last two, anyway. We’ve scoured the web looking for lists of things to do before you’re 25(ish), and we’re trying them out so you don’t have to; or at least you can see whether they’re worth doing at all.

In this installment, in a heroic effort I will discover whether jumping more, recording a YouTube cover of my favourite song and putting embarassing content online really has an expiration date – and whether it’s worth doing anyway.