Live Blog: The Graduate

Mike Nichols’ classic film ‘The Graduate’ was on ITV3 yesterday, and after our last post mentioning it, we thought you guys would be watching it. The film is regarded as one of the first on screen depictions of QLCs and shows the main character Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) struggling to understand what he should do with himself after graduating university.

So rather than considering doing a post-graduate degree or learning a new skill, Ben decides the best thing to do in a time of austerity and a struggling job market is to sleep with Mrs. Robinson. Queue drama.

“Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me.”








Here is what some of our friends on Twitter were saying about The Graduate. As you can see, it was pretty popular and one of the lovely tweeters points out that Mrs. Robinson is quite the foxy lady.


Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 14.00.00

So as you can see, we weren’t the only ones slightly confused by how The Graduate can help guide you through your QLC as it seems that the only life tips we can take away is that sleeping with older women doesn’t make you happier or any more employable. However, we thoroughly enjoyed watching it and we’d recommend you do the same.

Liveblog: Mind The Gap launch party – what you missed

Happen to miss out on last night’s Mind The Gap launch party liveblog, or wondering how Mind The Gap can help you get through your quarter-life crisis? Catch up here with Clueless’s breakdown to your soon-to-be favourite life coaches…

At a glance:

  • New lifecoaching organisation, Mind The Gap, launches
  • MTG aims to solve the problems of todays 20 and 30-somethings, like the QLC
  • Renowned life coach and psychologist Dr Oliver Robinson talks about the reasons for the rise in QLC-ers
  • “MTG is a genuine niche for QLC support and discussion”, says Doc Robinson

8.34pm: The chief culprits…

Courtesy of Mind The Gap

8.24pm: But after getting together with her friend Emily, they turned their hobby and passion – bringing music to life – into a business…


8.06pm: Check out the Mind The Gap team here

7.55pm: Really great speech by Dr Robinson. If you want to check out his research, start here. It’s all very sciency.


Courtesy of Oliver Robinson

7.38pm: The unveiling of the MTG logo! MTG coach Alice Stapleton (who we interviewed here) says the logo “reflects the gaps we all stumble into in life – whether in relationships, careers, or finances – and is a warning for this generation. We’re here to guide you round them.”

mind the gap

Live Blog: (500) Days of Summer

500 days of summer liveblog


Ever wanted to see the quarter-life crisis on screen? Well, this could be your chance

Hey everybody, feel free to join us for our liveblog of (500) Days of Summer at 7pm tonight! People say it shows a #QLC and we’ll be deciding for ourselves. If you want to join in, just tune in to Film4 at 7 and check out the blog here.

UPDATE: The blog is now over, but you can take a look at the link above! Enjoy