AUDIO: What people wish they’d known before they turned 25

Twenty five is a BIG one. You’re half way through your twenties and elderly relatives might start asking you who you’re going to marry. Or why you’re still working at the pub and haven’t finished your MA yet. Or why you’re still living in your parents’ basement.

But don’t listen to your relatives and family friends, listen to these savvy 25+ folks who told us what they wish they’d known before they got half way to 30. ENJOY!


Once you’ve listened to the Soundcloud, let us know what advice you’d give to the under-25s. Tweet us your suggestions at @QLClueless or post them here below!

Note: The song featured in the audio, ‘I’m only twenty’ by Sonny Shotz, can be found here should you want to listen right the way through. (SPOILER: He’s still only twenty at the end)


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