Quarter-life crisis in the media: What are the papers saying?


 Lately we’ve spotted a lot of intriguing media coverage of the quarter life crisis in all its different forms.

Instead of you having to bookmark 24/7 and trawling through all the weekend supplements, blogs and magazines, here’s our round-up of this month’s finest quarter-life crisis stuff. (Check out last month’s too if you missed it)

Top 3 things you should read this month

1) We liked this Guardian article about a 33 year old journalist on the verge of growing a ponytail and buying leather trousers.

I’m having a midlife crisis in my 30s. Is that normal?


What we learnt: That mid-life crises are starting earlier than ever. Maybe once you’re over your qlc, you’ll  be sorted enough not to have an mlc? Here’s hoping because we’re not sure we’ll be able to afford a motorbike given the current job prospects.

2) Buzzfeed always does good , and hilariously true, commentary on the 20-something existence. As well as anthropomorphised cats, obviously. Their latest QLC post has some pretty sound advice.


15 Things You Need To Stop Doing During Your Quarter-Life Crisis


What we learnt: We should stop worrying so much about the future, that we should be less hard on ourselves and most importantly, as illustrated by Buzzfeed above, make sure we have good friends who don’t drain every molecule of joy from our bodies.

The Buzzfeed screenshot above says it all. We really don’t have any room for Diana-inspired Elton John lyrics in our lives right now. (Although if you would like to listen to some Elton, here you go)


Image courtesy of JohnSimonreal, Creative Commons

Here’s Elton looking pretty into the music in a great shirt. He probably didn’t have a quarter-life crisis.


3) The quarter-life crisis is the cause of a campaign against in Singapore. The cost of living  there is so high (sounds familiar, Londoners?) that four university students have started a ‘The Next Stop’ movement to get people talking about the difficulties young people face when they leave education.


Singaporean fresh graduates: Quarter-Life Crisis


An extract from the article in which 24-year-old Lee Jingwei talks about her qlc:

 “Our culture [in Singapore] values high salaries, status and prestige. It makes us disconnected from reality; that when we graduate, we are actually not very valuable. So I think we just need to eat some humble pie, be willing to learn in any job, and then plan our life as we go along,”

What we learnt: The  qlc is global and that there are lots of people writing about their experiences all over the world, like this Asian-American qlc-sufferer.


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