6 Things you need to drop before you can grow up

Some claim that Quarter Lifers need to grow up, and just get on with it. But, before you even consider doing any of this, you might need to look at some of the more worrying aspects of your lifestyle. As I hate to break it to you, but if you own any more than one of the following items, there is a good chance your Quarter Life Crisis may extend into a Full Life Crisis – made up of drinking copious amounts of Children’s Calpol alone in your parent’s attic.

1) Novelty Boxer Shorts


Because no girl has ever enjoyed a boxer shorts related pre-coital joke, especially when it’s written across your groin.

2) Children’s Toiletries


The theory of ‘if it’s good enough for kids, it’s good enough for me’ just won’t cut it any more.

3) Themed Bedding


As unfortunately your other half might not appreciate cuddling up under a massive print of Luke Skywalker.

4) Onesies


Google ‘onesies‘ and see. Go on, I dare you.

5) Festival Wristbands


Nobody really cares whether you saw Panic! At The Disco at Reading Festival in 2006.

6) Leavers Hoodies


That scrotty hoodie you bought in 2009, and have only washed a handful of times, really isn’t appropriate clothing for a fully functioning adult.


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