Google: How long has the phrase ‘quarter-life crisis’ been around?

Google Ngram Viewer: How long has the phrase ‘quarter life crisis’ been around?

We know the phrase ‘quarter-life crisis’ hasn’t been around for long, but here’s the proof it really is a phenomenon. By typing ‘quarter-life crisis’ into Google Ngram Viewer, the graph shows  QLC only started appearing in books after 1997 and even then it was barely written about. Since 2001 the phrase usage has sharply increased. Even though the Google data only goes up until 2008 we think, judging by how many books and articles have been written about QLCs recently, that the line would keep shooting upwards.

But who first used the term QLC?

Wordspy has cited the first use of the word in a 1998 episode of the  TV series Ally McBeal. Who knew those neurotic bathroom dwelling lawyers would be so ahead of the game?

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