Q&A: Sarah’s Quarter-Life Crisis

We’ve all heard it before, “enjoy your life while you’re young”. It’s a phrase that everyone knows and everyone acknowledges, but it seems like it’s becoming easier said than done.

With the recent recession and Britain’s cities fast becoming overpopulated it seems that ‘real life’ is being thrust upon people earlier and earlier nowadays. After graduating University (or perhaps not even going at all) life can get a little bit hectic. You instantly have to start thinking about all sorts of tax, applying for jobs, finding a home and a partner. All of which are normal day-to-day worries for people in the ‘real world’, but due to the pressures put upon the younger generation by their parents it seems like these worries can quickly become amplified.

Sarah Coffey, a 23-year-old graduate from Liverpool feels exactly this way. Sarah was a classmate of mine at University and upon being asked how things had been going since University she quickly replied:

“Terribly. I wanted to go and do a Masters course, and I actually got onto one in Germany but I just couldn’t afford the tuition fees so I am currently working in a call centre and living with my parents in the hope that I can save some money up before re-applying for Uni next year.”

Sarah (right) in happier times.

Sarah (right) in happier times.

When I asked Sarah why she felt so bad about living at home and working in order to save money up for a Masters she told me:

“Well I just feel embarrassed about living at home. A lot of my friends have moved away or are living with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and I’m stuck at home with my mum and dad.

My parents are pretty happy to support me in whatever I do, but I do feel that they kind of wish I had moved away or was living by myself. It’s most likely down to the fact that after my sister graduated she moved to Ireland and started up her own company and is now living with her boyfriend. But then again, she is now engaged to a footballer.”

John Dillon (Sarah's sister's boyfriend) playing for Dundalk United.  Image courtesy of Dundalk United

John Dillon (Sarah’s sister’s boyfriend) playing for Dundalk United.
Image courtesy of Dundalk United

After asking Sarah as to whether she had heard about the idea of ‘quarter life crisis’ she fell silent before carefully replying

“No, but I can guess what it is. I’m not too sure if I am having one to be honest. A lot of people don’t know what to do after Uni and I’m still deciding, but I’m sure once I start my Masters course I will have more of an idea… Hopefully.”


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